#LASER Innovation in Acrylic

Acrylic (PMMA), a transparent plastic is a very versatile material widespread because of its capability to replace glass is used in everyday products like signs, sales displays, roof windows, lenses and screens . It has also found use in the food industry and in shops for food storing, both in delicacy and vegetable areas. Looking closely, you will notice that all types of businesses use large quantities of acrylic - signs, showcases, shelves, guards and gates in all colours. This use is further enhanced when the appeal of the acrylic sheets is improved because of cutting & engraving. Today, acrylic has covered a majority of the areas and replaced glass and other plastics and has also taken place in the sector where visual artistry is an important aspect. You can also laser cut acrylic to make jewellery, electronic enclosures, home ware, toys, lighting, kitchen & office products. Jakbrillo laser fulfils this aesthetic requirement in acrylics.

It gives it the sharp and precise designs with the required delicateness and freshness in the product. Without any requirement for further processing, the laser gives shiny and polished edges not allowing PMMA to burr. Sheets as thick as 5mm can be cut with extreme efficiency.

Experience the pleasure of having the finest and extraordinary designs by cutting & engraving in the wood giving it the aesthetic properties never seen before!

Get the aesthetic appearance in acrylic products now!

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