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#LASER Innovation in Wood

The nuances and the delicateness in the designs of a wooden article are immensely important and cannot be compromised with. We efficiently take care of this requirement while cutting or engraving the designs given in the wood. Wall shelves, wall brackets, hollowed and cut designer chairs, wooden boards, wall hangings and everything that is woody in the home furnishings today have raised their bar in terms of luxury and uniqueness. Jakbrillo laser takes care of this prospect and maintains the uniqueness while keeping the quality of the original product intact. Jakbrillo provides Laser services on wood with a thickness of up to 5 mm. Specific requirements can always be discussed with customization.

The benefits of laser cutting/ engraving in wood are:

  1. The designs, however miniature can be carved into the wood with very precise accuracy and maintained sharpness.
  2. The engraved edges are absolutely clean and no further finishing is required.
  3. The cutting does not let any cracks develop in the wood thereby, keeping the quality of the product unharmed.

Our laser cut wood structures resemble the artistic beauty of the traditional art with a dainty look that synchronises with the modern outlook.

Experience the pleasure of having the finest and extraordinary designs by cutting & engraving in the wood giving it the aesthetic properties never seen before!

Create the artistic appeal in my wooden products!

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