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What if you could choose any type of design and blend it with a material of your choice? We, at Jakbrillo, are passionate to fabricate your imaginations. Using an innovative and the most advanced laser printing, cutting and engraving technology in India, we provide services for surface ornamentation, value addition & embellishments. With Jakbrillo Laser, let your creativity out and we will support you to beautify your world..!

Technology that separates us

Know what is the technology?

We use a laser machine to print, engrave and cut designs in textiles, paper, acrylic & wood. It is used to print high quality texts & graphics and intricate designs by repeatedly passing the laser beam on the substrate, thus making a print/cut as per the set design in the computer software. There is no limitation with respect to the design or the motif. Jakbrillo laser has the biggest laser table size with the working area of 2000mm*2000mm. It is set to make prints 2000 mm wide and infinitely long in length.

Benefits of Jakbrillo Laser

Know why to use it?

Being a sophisticated and state-of-art technology, Jakbrillo Laser provides certain unparalleled benefits to its customers. The technology can be used to create new trends that are very novel. Our laser technology helps you to add special value to your products.

  1. Shorter runs, higher speeds and uniqueness.
  2. Point to point accuracy & stunning process repeatability.
  3. Never fading, high quality & sharp designs that can last for long time.
  4. Out of the box designing and creation concepts adapting to the new age fashion.
  5. Customizable designs as per the placement and need.
  6. Flexibility in the material type, size and designs.
  7. No water – no chemicals – no pollution. Green and sustainable printing technology.
  8. Retain the original fabric undamaged and unhampered, only beautified!

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    Jakbrillo Innovations LLP.
    8, Rajarshi Shahu Market,
    Janta Chowk,
    Ichalkaranji 416115
    Kolhapur, Maharashtra

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