Jaksmart is the most versatile and advanced technological solution to gear you up for a protected future.

This breakthrough technology has products in form of liquid solutions that consist of a matrix of nanoparticles which allows the transportation of active principles. This matrix is able to bind to various materials giving them new properties and characteristics.

These liquid solutions are used to provide 'healthy' value addition to the existing market products making them smart.

The healthy value addition is in form of effects like mosquito-free, odor-free, mites-free, bed bug-free, termites-free, diabetic-care, anti-fungal, anti-bacteria and anti-chilblains depending on which type of solution is used for what product.


Jaksmart solutions have a big advantage of very simple application procedures. These solutions do not require any extraordinary machines or infrastructure. The solutions can be applied in easy ways like manual mixing, using padding/immersion, spraying, washing machine, pulverization and drying.

The protection provided by Jaksmart solution is a result of simple 3 – step action:


The active ingredients used in making the Jaksmart solutions are as per directives of World Health Organization (WHO).

These solutions are certified to be safe for children as less as 6 months of age. Further these solutions are bio-compatible, non-toxic, cause no irritation on skin and have no smell.

Jaksmart liquid solutions are made using the directed safety standards.


The Jaksmart solutions are known for proven performance with high efficacy. What differentiates these products performance is outstandingly long lasting durability at an unparalleled efficacy.

The Jaksmart products guarantee a maximum protection and are tested to be excellent repellents for numerous species of mosquitoes, bacteria, mites, bed-bugs and termites. The effect can last for up to 100+ industrial washes depending on the medium by which the solutions are applied.


Jaksmart are the next generation of innovative solutions that have standout advantages.

Being odourless, the solutions cause no irritation or allergic reactions among the users. They are free from heavy metals and poisonous compounds generally used to repel the insects.

Further, being non-smoky and non-hazardous the solutions put an end to pollutant approaches that are conventionally followed. These solutions are truly safe for Environment and Ecosystem thus plays a larger role towards a sustainable future.

With easy application know-how and human-friendly behaviour, Jaksmart solutions provide maximum benefits with amazing features.


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