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Termite Guard

Termites are the ‘Silent Destroyers’

They hide and secretly cause devastation of all the wooden objects in your house as they feed on cellulose without giving signs!

You need a smart way to counter these everyday problems. Our innovative product provides just that with extremely high durability for years.

The Jaksmart Termite Guard solution exerts an excellent repellent effect on the exterior and interior of the wood. It protects the feeding of the termites on the cellulosic objects due to this strong effect.

Moreover, this solution is non-toxic and has no smell. So it doesn’t cause unpleasant or smelly ambience. Instead provides a smarter way for protection.

More information regarding the features, safety and the mechanism of the product can be found here



  • Non-toxic
  • Safe to the environment and the users
  • Complies with international safety standards
  • Extremely high and proven efficiency
  • Prevents costly damage

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