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Jaksmart is the newest and a novel technology which is aimed at solving the health issues that are currently a cause of huge concerns for various countries. Our solutions help to create a hassle-free and healthy lifestyle. This revolutionary technology is a starting point towards prevention of various diseases leading to a safe future!

Effortlessness and dexterity are the two driving forces to catch a man’s appeal. Jaksmart stands on these two pillars.


We develop products to prevent deadly diseases which have plagued the human safety

Vector-borne diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever can be avoided using our Jaksmart GoodBye Mosquito solution. This can be applied in paints, varnishes, ceramics, mosquito nets, tents, apparels, school uniforms, military/police uniforms, home textile, hotels, hospitals, tissue wipes, spray and many more areas.

"Nosocomial" diseases and other bacterial issues can be combated with the use of the Jaksmart Bacteria Shield technology, which can be applied in hospital clothes, uniforms of doctors & nurses, socks, underwear, bath towels in hotels, hospital wall paints, etc.

Allergic diseases like Asthma, Atopic dermatitis, Conjunctivitis can be very effectively prevented using our Jaksmart No Mites solution. This product is excellent to eradicate mites and bed bugs and can be used in wide range of home textile applications like carpets, linens, curtains, mattresses, rugs, bed sheets, sofa set and pillow covers, etc.

We also develop other highly innovative and differentiated solutions beyond what already exists on the market such as the Jaksmart Diabetic Foot Care. This is applied in socks to develop socks which are far more effective than what is currently available. Since beyond the physical characteristics that socks should have to prevent diabetic foot, our socks help to improve blood circulation and prevent infections in the feet of the subject patients.

The Jaksmart Athlete´s Foot Care is applied in socks to prevent the more frequent foot mycosis which causes huge discomfort. This is proactive measure to counter the contagious disease. It eliminates the fungal growth in the feet.

The Jaksmart Anti Chilblains solution applied in gloves and socks is a fantastic solution to prevent the chilblains disease which causes lot of discomfort and pain.

The most efficient, economical and versatile nanotechnological products are just a decision away from you.

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