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The Zrila Story

Zrila, a Sanskrit word, means Posh, Beautiful and Happy. The brand is not just another clothing house; but born with an idea to go out-of-box and break-free.

ZRILA depicts a free soul, an adventurer who wants to go bold and wild, a charisma that shouts out loud and ‘silently’ steals the limelight. With a qualified and vastly experienced team of textile professionals and discoverers, the brand aims to put forward an intensely brainstormed creation which is unique, innovative, sustainable, stylish and premium.

Each jeans or apparel is a masterpiece crafted with diligence and no two are the same. ZRILA offers highest level of customization or personalization that separates it from the rest. The brand is for the bold trendsetters who would love to happily start riding on a bolder journey!

The Zrila Offerings

ZRILA is a fashion and décor brand with the slogan of “Fashion Redefined”. Staying true to its punch word, the brand redefined the way in which the product it offers gives a redefined look. The product offered by the brand includes Denim Jeans, Denim Jackets, Men’s Shirts, Men’s Shorts, Women’s Jeans, Denim Tote Bags, Denim Cushion covers and Denim Curtains all of which are crafted with a story and attributes that have a unique telling!


  • Tencel Denim
  • Natural Indigo Dyed Jeans
  • Handwoven Organic Selvedge Denim Jeans
  • Every ZRILA Jeans saves nearly 50 Liters of water, eliminates use of toxic chemicals and reduces consumption of energy drastically


  • Fragrance Jeans
  • Anti Bacterial Jeans
  • Mosquito Repellent Jeans


  • 100% Erie Silk Jeans
  • Gold Finish Jeans
  • Silver Finish Jeans
  • Copper Finish Jeans
  • Leather Finish Jeans
  • Suede Finish Jeans


  • Selectively Distressed Special Jeans
  • Embossed 3D Effect Jeans
  • Premium Designer Jeans
  • Highly Customized Jeans

Our Address

Jakbrillo Innovations LLP.
8, Rajarshi Shahu Market,
Janta Chowk,
Ichalkaranji 416115
Kolhapur, Maharashtra

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