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#LASER Innovation in Home Furnishings

Home décor has progressed by taking a huge leap into revolution and redefined luxury and interiors. There is no end to the imagination that can be applied in your furnishings. We are here to complete those vivid imaginations you have and take this leap for you. Jakbrillo laser can redesign & enhance the look of everything from bed linens, blankets, awning fabrics, canopies, partitions, and carpets. Laser cut curtains, sofa covers, pillow covers, are trend setters for new age fashion.

The benefits of our laser printing include:
  1. Keeping in mind the importance of the appearances, it gives a clean edge after cutting and does not leave the product with frayed borders.
  2. The laser can be used to your benefit without any limitations of size, colour, designs and material.
  3. The intricacies of the designs in cutting and printing can be well handled by the laser.
  4. The designs made by laser sustain for an infinitely long period i.e. they are very durable and do not have a problem of fading and dulling.

Experience the pleasure of having the finest and extraordinary designs by cutting, engraving and printing on a high performing fabric that can be used extensively in the home furnishings and luxurious interior decors now!

Get the best designs for my home décor!

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