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#LASER Innovation in Leather/Rexene

Leather is both, durable & fashionable and hence its applications are endless. Leather is used exclusively in clothing & accessories (footwear, hats, belts, raincoats, jackets, skirts, trousers, gloves, watches, bags, etc.), leather wallpaper, saddles, holsters (knife sheaths, arrow quivers & gun holsters) and furniture covering making it very popular. As it is extensively used in accessories and in places of visual appeal, its artistic value has gained importance. This is taken care of by Jakbrillo laser which with the use of its newest laser technology provides this artistic value to leather by printing, engraving or cutting methods making leather the perfect candidate for the use in different sectors.



The benefits of sharpness, precision, delicateness along with the unique designs are provided by the laser. It’s faster and more efficient technology gives out the final product within seconds without compromising on its original quality. The cutting also gives hollowed designs as required by furniture coverings & holsters and the printing makes the jackets, skirts, hats and foot wears visually attractive & suitable for use in fashion industry.

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